How long is the blood glucose measurement accurate on an empty stomach? These factors can affect your “fasting blood sugar value”

Many diabetic patients are diagnosed by fasting blood glucose test. What you want to know is how long is the blood glucose measurement accurate? Fasting blood glucose is measured before 8 o’clock. Some patients wait for the doctor to see a doctor. They often wait until 9 o’clock and 10 o’clock to measure fasting blood glucose. […]


Kolka Dyshan celebrates the 35th birthday of the family and sisters to send warm wishes

Korika Dyshan celebrated her 35th birthday on Thursday, and her family couldn’t wait to send her a sweet birthday greeting on social media. In addition, her predecessor also sent a blessing Khloe Kardashian ushered in her 35th birthday on Thursday   According to media, Khloe Kardashian ushered in her 35th birthday on Thursday, and Dyshan family could […]


Summer sweats and body odors are big! What if there is a body odor in summer? Learn these tricks and keep your body scented

 When it’s summer, is there one thing that is very embarrassing?body sweating   That is in the crowded bus, crowded subway, or in the office, when customers see, your body sweating gives off bursts of cool sour body odor smell, others cover their mouths tight, with strange eyes staring at you, and you are completely I don’t know… […]


Genetically edited pig organ transplant monkey body is expected to be implanted in the human body in the future

In recent years, experts have suggested that the number of organs donated by humans is limited. In the face of such a large supply and demand gap. It is recommend to implant animal organs into the human body.  In addition to independently cultivate transplant organs in the laboratory. Currently, eGenesis, led by Harvard University geneticist George […]

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