How do domain names make money, and do you have a chance to invest in domain names?

Domain name investment

The domain name investment is the act of obtaining profit after the purchase or registration of the domain name . And the profit of the investment of some domain names can reach tens of thousands of times. But domain name investment is not a one-off.But a long-term process, and a game in which risks and returns coexist.

So, can domain name investment still make money now? The answer is yes. Not long ago, when McDonald’s changed its name to “Golden Arch”. Some people rush to the relevant domain name “” with $2000 and sell it quickly within 1 hour. Making a profit of $3000 It can be seen that the current investment domain still has vitality. So, how do domain name investments do?

The first is to register a domain name. For example, on the lcj6 domain platform .Query the domain name you want to register. If you can be registered. Fill in the relevant information according to the prompts. Pay the registration fee. And complete these steps to get a domain name. For some expired domain names that others have abandoned or forgotten. They can also be obtained through bidding. Or directly purchase a second-hand domain name that has already been registered. Different domain name types and suffixes are different, so the value is different. So we must wait and see and accumulate experience.

However, it must be acknowledged that the domain name has been in existence for more than 30 years. And related investments have already arisen. Good domain name resources are almost rush out.Especially .com\.cn and other domain names with long history of registration and use. Just like cities. Shops in the center: One inch is hard to find and the price is high. After recognizing this fact, making money through domain names should also be more tactical. The phrase used in the stock market is to “embrace blue-chips and find potential”. While embracing mainstream com and cn domain names, we should actively seek for high-quality and valuable domain name types. Such domain names are suitable for people who are currently interest in investing in domain names.

First, you can focus on the new top-level domain. 

Because the time of appearance is not long. There are a lot of good quality domain names that can be registered. If you can grab a few, it is okay to make a small profit. These new top-level domain names are the “potential stocks” of current domain name investment. The starting price is cheap, the types of suffixes are diverse, and the application value is also good. For example, .club can use for community building .pro can use by professional organizations, and .shop can satisfy e-commerce. Website needs, etc.

Second, you can pay attention to news. 

Usually, you should pay attention to it. Pay more attention to news information. Especially when big companies release new products and new brands. You should immediately check to see if the relevant domain name can be registered. There are also vocabulary related to social hotspots, which also account for a considerable proportion of domain name type investments. Many people have made money by squatting these domain names.

The third is to understand more about industry trends. 

The current hot spot is often occupied by current investors. So if you want to get a blue ocean of domain name investment. Then you can look at the development after 5 or 10 years. Learn more about industry information. And look at the future development of various industries. Trends, get started in advance, register some potentially popular domain names , and the chances of success will be great.

In short, more observation and accumulation of predecessors’ experience. Coupled with the grasp of market trends. Domain name investment still has many opportunities to make money.

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