Is colorectal cancer coming? These five symptoms are actually the “help signal” of bowel cancer.

Core Tip: Intestinal cancer is also a relatively common malignant tumor, which has taken away many people’s lives. The reason is mainly because people do not pay enough attention to the early signals of bowel cancer. So once found, more It is in the middle and late. Therefore, in order to avoid this situation on a large scale. let us introduce to you the warning signals of bowel cancer.

Intestinal cancer is a relatively common malignant tumor, which has taken away many people’s lives. The reason is mainly because people do not pay enough attention to the early signals of bowel cancer. So once they are discovered, most of them have reached the middle and late stage. Therefore, in order to prevent this from happening on a large scale. It is necessary to understand the signs of bowel cancer in a timely and prepared manner.

Intestinal cancer
Intestinal cancer

Intestinal cancer 5 big precursors

First, the most typical intestinal cancer symptoms of blood in the stool

 Patients with mild symptoms. Only mild bleeding, severe patients, mucus and bloody stools, mucus pus and blood or blood. But it is necessary to pay attention to many other diseases. For example, hemorrhoids can also occur, and due to the multiple nature of acne. Everyone will associate it with acne and use it at random. This will miss the best treatment time for bowel cancer.

Second, the frequent occurrence of constipation and diarrhea alternately

 Sometimes there are several times a day to go to the toilet. Sometimes several days to get to the toilet.But also to be alert to bowel cancer.It is recommend to go to the hospital in time.

Third, in the early stage of bowel cancer, the characteristics of the stool will change

 The normal stool characteristics are formed. And not dry or wet. But if the stool does not form for a long time.And there is a continuous water sample or pus. It is necessary to be careful about bowel cancer.

Fourth, the face is pale day by day, there is progressive anemia

And has been ruled out due to blood diseases and other reasons. It is necessary to be careful about bowel cancer. There is also a short-term weight loss. But obviously do not carry out weight-loss measures. But also be careful about bowel cancer, go to the hospital in time.

Fifth, the occurrence of persistent abdominal pain is one of the typical manifestations of colorectal cancer.

If abdominal pain often occurs. And it is accompanied by abdominal distension and less exhaust of the anus. It is necessary to be alert to colorectal cancer. In addition, if you touch your abdomen by hand. If you have a lump or a foreign body sensation, and you still have to continue, you should also be careful about colorectal cancer.

When these situations occur. Be alert to bowel cancer, go to the hospital for a timely inspection, if it is intestinal cancer, timely treatment. If the bowel cancer can be treated early. The treatment effect is still ideal. If it is only hemorrhoids, then of course it is lucky Just need targeted treatment.

How to prevent Intestinal cancer

First of all, diet has a lot to do with the occurrence of intestinal cancer

So you want to prevent bowel cancer. Pay more attention to the diet, usually eat more fruits and vegetables . Because the dietary fiber among them can speed up the intestinal peristalsis. Reduce The time that the toxin stays in the intestines is helpful for preventing intestinal cancer; eating less red meat and grilling, these foods are prone to carcinogens during the manufacturing process.

Secondly, proper physical exercise can effectively avoid constipation and obesity, thereby reducing the incidence of colorectal cancer.
Finally, if someone in your family has had bowel cancer, then you should pay attention to screening. 

In general, people with a history of household chores will have colonoscopy. After 40 years of age to screen for colorectal cancer.

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