IPhone 11 release time / price, released on September 12

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According to media PhoneArena, after taking office, Cook will be holding a new iPhone conference every year in early September. September 12 is the release date of the recent two generations of iPhone, so we can estimate that this year’s iPhone 11 will also be released on September 12. As for the time to market, Media speculation will first launch a cheap version of the new iPhone at the end of September, and listed the flagship iPhone in mid-November.

 In terms of selling price, the iPhone 11R version starts at around $750. The new iPhone 11 128GB version starts at $1,000, the 256GB and 512G increase to $1,100 and $1,200, while the big-screen version of the new iPhone starts at $1,100. compared with iPhone XS last year. Apple seems to have discovered this conscience this year? That is certainly not, this is just the price of the US version.

iphone 11

  Appearance and camera, according to recent exposure information, the basic iPhone has already adopted the rear square camera module and Liu Haiping design. In addition, it is possible to abandon 3D Touch to reduce costs. It seems that this year’s new iPhone has to be lost, the business is always a business, the first profit is the same theorem.

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