People with low blood sugar may face three dangers! What should I pay attention to?

Core Tip: Generally, everyone knows that heart disease or cardiovascular disease can cause difficulty in breathing.But I don’t know if hypoglycemia can cause difficulty in breathing. Especially if there is no breakfast in the morning. If the patient with hypoglycemia is strenuously exercising.It is easy to have difficulty breathing.Chest tightness and suffocation.Sometimes it feels very uncomfortable.And if it is serious. It will cause fainting. Which is danger of hypoglycemia.
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Some people often stand up after a while and feel dark and dizzy. This is actually a symptom of hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is not a serious disease. But it cannot be ignored at the same time.Because if you do not pay attention to conditioning, it is low. Blood sugar can also seriously affect a person’s physical health. So what is the danger of hypoglycemia?

One of the dangers of hypoglycemia: difficulty breathing

Everyone knows that heart disease or cardiovascular disease can cause difficulty in breathing. But they don’t know that if they have severe hypoglycemia, they may cause difficulty in breathing. Especially if they do not have breakfast in the morning. If the patients with hypoglycemia exercise vigorously, it will be easy. Symptoms of dyspnea, chest tightness and suffocation, sometimes feel uncomfortable, and serious fainting is dangerous.

The second risk of hypoglycemia: blurred vision

When hypoglycemia occurs. The milder symptom is that the eyes appear blurred for a few seconds. But can recover after a few seconds. If the symptoms of severe hypoglycemia are invisible for up to several minutes. It is dangerous to life if it is outside when hypoglycemia occurs, and if long-term hypoglycemia affects vision.

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The third danger of hypoglycemia: coma

Because hypoglycemia is due to low blood sugar in the body. It can not supply the blood sugar required by the human body normally. Which will cause the blood supply of the human heart to fail, leading to coma. Some of the coma caused by hypoglycemia can wake up for a while. Or give the patient glucose water to supplement blood sugar.

Now that we know what is the danger of hypoglycemia. Pay more attention to it. Generally it will not be too dangerous.But if you don’t pay attention. There will be small things to develop into big things. Always eat breakfast, do not exercise vigorously without breakfast. Usually, you should eat more foods that raise blood sugar. When you go out, you can prepare some sugar or chocolate in your pocket. Sugar and chocolate have the effect of quickly supplementing blood sugar. In order to prevent the symptoms of hypoglycemia, you can eat a symptom of dizziness and nausea.

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