The teeth turn yellow, and the four teeth whitening methods give you a white tooth!

Many people are annoyed in their lives to turn their teeth yellow. In various ways to find teeth whitening, I want to go to teeth whitening. It is very important for us to understand what causes our teeth to turn yellow. Let’s follow the Xiaobian to understand the reasons for the yellowing of the teeth, and then talk about some ways to whiten the teeth. Let’s go down and read the article.

Three reasons to make your teeth yellow

white teeth vs yellow teeth
white teeth vs yellow teeth
1, too much bacteria on the surface of the teeth

People who don’t pay much attention to oral hygiene for a long time, if they don’t brush their teeth regularly or if they don’t brush their teeth, they will cause a lot of bacteria on our teeth. Excessive accumulation of bacteria can lead to the formation of plaque, which naturally leads to the teeth becoming more and more yellow, and even a series of problems such as tooth decay.

2, drug factors

Frequent use of certain drugs can also cause yellowing of the teeth. The more common drug is tetracycline. Long-term consumption of this type of drug can cause some substances in the drug to deposit in the dentin, which makes the teeth turn yellow, brown or even dark gray. This phenomenon is clinically called tetracycline, which is more common. .

3. Lack of calcium

Teeth are an important part of our bones and they need to be supplemented with enough calcium. When the body’s calcium is insufficient, the hardness of the teeth and the ability to resist food erosion are greatly reduced, which may cause the teeth to absorb the food on the food. In this case, it is easy to cause pigmentation, which causes the teeth to turn yellow.

Whitening teeth, you can do this

how to make your teeth white ?
How to make your teeth white

The three reasons for the whitening method are the common causes of yellowing of the teeth. Let’s learn how to whiten the teeth. Teach everyone some ways to whiten your teeth!

First of all, it is recommended to wash your teeth regularly in your life. 

Teeth cleaning is a way to help clean the mouth and whiten your teeth. Although we all have the habit of brushing our teeth in life, many people do not completely brush their teeth. If they continue for a long time, they may cause pigments and other residues to remain on the teeth, causing the teeth to turn yellow. Washing your teeth can help remove some of the calculus and bacteria on your teeth. It can be a very good whitening effect. People with teeth whitening can wash their teeth regularly.

Second, pay attention to maintaining good living habits on a daily basis. 

Drink less dark drinks, such as coffee, cola, etc., people with smoking habits recommend smoking cessation. These small details in life can also effectively whiten teeth, but it takes a long time to persist.

Then, there is a more common method of tooth whitening is to perform cold whitening .

Cold whitening is the use of cold laser irradiation on the teeth coated with bleach to change the color of the dentin to make the teeth whiter. Relatively speaking, this tooth is whitened. The method is more efficient, but it costs a lot of money, or you have to choose according to your own conditions.

Finally, a minimally invasive procedure for tooth whitening ,

which has been widely recommended, is introduced . Among the dental veneers, the simulation effect of porcelain veneers is the best, only need to wear little tooth tissue, and the stimulation of the gums is small, you can also choose the color of the teeth, which can basically achieve the effect of false.

It is not advisable to whiten the teeth.

There are many remedies for teeth whitening in life, but these remedies are not desirable. More common is the lemon white or vinegar teeth whitening, as well as whitening gum, etc. These methods are very undesirable. Long-term consumption of acidic substances is likely to corrode the surface of the teeth and damage the enamel. Although it can achieve a certain whitening effect on teeth, it will make your teeth thinner and thinner, which is very detrimental to the health of your teeth.

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