The three principles of domain name investment, investors must see!

Domian name investment

As we all know, as domain names become more and more important. There are more and more people holding domain names. Some people hold ordinary domain names.But they have good hands. And some people hold funds, but they can’t start. So that good cards become bad cards. Investors who play domain names also have their own successes and failures. Each gameplay may not be suitable for you, but it can learn from it.

Choose a domain name that is relatively broad in scope

Pinyin domain names, letter domain names. Digital domain names, combined domain names. And many other large numbers of domain names have made many investors feel overwhelmed.Coupled with the ever-changing market conditions. Let everyone not know where to start. For this reason, senior rice farmers will choose relative insurance. A wide range of domain names and a wide range of domain names as investment targets. Which is why animal domain names have recently been popular.

First of all, the animal domain name is familiar to the netizens, and easy to remember for easy input. It is also beneficial for the terminal. For domain name investors.The animal domain name does not have any restrictions on station construction . And all industries can be applied. For example, Netease’s Haitao website is enabled by “Koala”’s logistics company, and financial group. All of which are also and Similar examples are too numerous to mention. Animal domain names have undoubtedly become the first choice for investors.

Of course, there are a number of pinyin and digital domain names in many fields. Although such domain names are not like all animal domains, they can be used in all industries. However, the advantages of various meanings. Allow them to take care of at least two or three industries at the same time. Take the letter domain name as an example, the most popular domain name recently acquired by Dai Yu. The letter JP has many meanings such as “ticket, auction, gold medal, competitive recruitment, brief score, driving training, and hiring”. It is applicable to many industries such as tourism, education, smart phones, e-commerce, recruitment, and making friends. The value is self-evident. More importantly, the letter JP is also an abbreviation of Japan (Japan) or Japanese (Japanese), which is extremely valuable.

In addition, the domain name of the industry is not as good as the domain name. But it is also because of the industry’s strong orientation. Clear positioning. Allowing users to see at a glance, and so on. The value is no less than the domain name with wide meaning. Even sometimes it will be even higher. For example,, which points to the automotive industry. and in the gaming industry are all trading for $10 million .

Collect all future buyers

A domain name is bought in the hand. The next step is naturally the question of how to sell it to and sell it to. Of course, selling the domain name to the terminal is the dream of every Minon. Except that the domain name itself can achieve real Outside of value. Terminal bids are also relatively high.

Therefore, before we are ready to sell the domain name to the terminal. We need to collect all the information of the buyer. Including the buyer’s peers, competitors and the gap between them. And also need to understand the future direction of the buyer. Especially those traditional companies that do not have the idea to enter the Internet industry. It is the so-called knowing oneself and knowing each other that you can win every battle.

Accurate price positioning

I believe that the issue of price positioning is also the biggest reason for many investors to have a headache. The price is set high, and they are afraid of scaring away each other. If they are set low, they will lose themselves. Therefore, it is necessary to have a deep understanding of the industry and future buyers. Once you understand this.You can give the domain name an accurate price positioning. Which will also help to increase the probability of transactions. Any local tyrants involving real estate, finance, and automobiles. In the industry, the price can be set at a high point. In addition, I have to have a valuation and positioning of my own mind in my heart. When the buyer asks for your quotation.He will not hesitate to give the price in your heart. Instead of letting the other party quote.

I hope that domain investors can learn the valuable experience they need.

Of course, every investor has their own unique insights into it. Any ideas you have can leave a message below to let more investors see it!

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