Those who have these four “Signs” are candidates for lung cancer. Check it out.

When it comes to cancer, everyone is very afraid, because cancer not only costs a lot of money to treat, but many effects are not satisfactory, and eventually they lose their lives.

Lung cancer is the largest cancer in the word, and it ranks among the best in both morbidity and mortality. It is understood that most lung disease patients have reached the middle and late stages of diagnosis, which is very unfavorable for patients. After all, cancer in the advanced stage is likely to have spread and metastasis, and it is very difficult to treat at this time. So how can we find lung cancer at an early stage signs? There are several precursors, I hope you can remember.

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What are the early symptoms of lung cancer?

1. Cough

The most typical symptom of lung cancer is coughing. The cough in patients with lung cancer is not the same as our usual cough. Cough in patients with lung cancer does not have any effect by taking the medicine for at least 2 weeks. It is a pity that most people think that coughing is a small problem. It is not the same thing. At most, it is also necessary to buy cough medicine. This concept must correct.

2, coughing blood

Patients with lung cancer may also have hemoptysis. This phenomenon is due to the adequate supply of blood in the tumor tissue and the presence or absence of persistent or intermittent blood in the cough. Most of the patients have blood in the sputum. Most of the blood is bright red . When the condition is mild, the area is small. As the disease progresses, the coughing sound becomes sharper and sharper. And the amount of hemoptysis is also increasing.

3, unexplained weight loss

The symptoms of wasting in early lung cancer patients are less obvious, but in patients with advanced disease, the symptoms of wasting are particularly obvious. Patients will have a series of symptoms such as significant weight loss, loss of appetite , and fatigue . It should note that this fatigue can not alleviat. The reason why the weight loss is due to the continuous growth of tumor tissue in the body, consumes a lot of nutrients in our body, coupled with abnormal eating of patients, nutritional supply is in short supply, making people lose weight.

4, difficulty breathing

When the tumor in the lungs is press into the bronchi, it can cause difficulty in breathing. Because lung cancer cause the pleural effusion, will be pressed into the lung tissue, causing chest tightness.

These four types of people are high-risk groups of lung disease

Simply put, the high-risk groups of lung cancer include the following:

(1) Men over 40 years of age with a long history of smoking;

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(2) People who are engage in certain special occupations, such as those who have long-term exposure to carcinogens, such as inorganic arsenic, asbestos, chromium and nickel, will have a greater chance of developing lung cancer;

(3) The body itself has chronic lung inflammation, and has not been systematically treated, allowing repeated episodes of the disease. Such people will continue to stimulate the lung area due to inflammation, resulting in lesions in the lung area;

(4) People with a history of lung disease in the family will have a higher chance of developing lung cancer than ordinary people.

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