Vegetarians cause physical breakdown, long-term vegetarian diet, how to scientifically vegetarian?

Europe and the United States “vegetarian Daren” began to eat meat: vegetarianism caused physical breakdown

  According to the British media “Daily Mail” report.A 39-year-old “Vegetarian Daren” from Finland.Weierpi Mikonin. Has a physical and mental appearance due to long-term “extremely vegetarian” habits and lifestyles. Various problems including chronic fatigue, hot flashes, night sweatsand mild depression have even caused early menopause. After she consulted Western medicine and Chinese medicine.She decided to start eating meat again. And then the various illnesses of the body gradually disappeared.

bowl of vegetable salads
bowl of vegetable salads

It is understood that Mikkonen vegetarian Taiji end, she not only advocate a vegetarian. But also requires that each meal is thoroughly vegetarian – no gluten, no corn, no dairy, no meat, not even refined sugar food.

  When Mikkonen came out of his own story, the social network once caused a strong discussion, and as a result. People discovered that many celebrities who promoted “vegetarianism” have given up vegetarianism since this year. Among them is the 31-year-old “Vegetarian Little Prince” in the United Kingdom. Tim Shef, who gave up vegetarianism because of illness this year; and “Net Red” Rovana, who teaches people how to be vegetarian on social networks, but has been eating privately. meat……

Long-term vegetarianism may bring these health problems

  The improvement of quality of life has led to the prevalence of obesity in life. Once the rich and the disease became more common.Such as hyperlipidemia.Hyperglycemia and other obesity diseases. So more and more people have joined the ranks of vegetables. But they do not know how to eat vegetarian food. It can cause hidden dangers to health.

macro shot of vegetable lot
macro shot of vegetable lot

The effects of long-term vegetarianism: malnutrition

  If a person is only vegetarian for a long time. It is easy to reduce the secretion of digestive enzymes.And the sensitivity of the taste buds will also decrease. In the long-term. The symptoms of poor appetite are prone to occur. And the long-term intake of a single structure diet will also reduce the body’s resistance. It leads to the growth of various diseases. For physical fitness and vitality, proper protein and fat are essential.

  And the main ingredient of most vegetarian diets is fiber. Which reduces the reabsorption of bile acids and also affects the concentration of bile salts, which affects the absorption of vitamins .

a bowl of red tomatoes
a bowl of red tomatoes

Core Tip: According to British media reports.A 39-year-old “Vegetarian Daren” from Finland has started to eat meat. Because of the “extreme vegetarian” habits that cause health problems. Many people advocate vegetarianism and think that vegetarian food is healthier. But in fact, long-term extreme vegetarianism will have many negative effects on health. So how should we be scientifically vegetarian?

Long-term vegetarian effect: premature aging

  People who often don’t eat meat are more likely to develop skin inflammation. Because fat is the main component of strengthening cell tissue. So taking a certain amount of food can achieve antioxidant effects.Thus preventing skin inflammation and reducing fat intake. The skin is prone to seriousness and becomes inelastic. Which is more likely to cause signs of aging such as dry lines.

cucumber lot

The effects of long-term vegetarianism: affecting the lives of couples

  Prolonged vegetarianism can lead to decreased sexual function, and severe symptoms of coldness and premature ejaculation. Because testosterone is an important substance to maintain and enhance desire.But if you only eat vegetarian food for a long time.Protein intake will be affected.And this will lead to a decline in testosterone.

 The effects of long-term vegetarianism: affecting fertility

  People are omnivores. They need both vegetarian and animal protein. The combination of nutrients and nutrients is the best. This is also true for the conditions of childbearing. Long-term vegetarianism only reduces the possibility of childbirth for three reasons:

  First, animal protein is important for fertility. Most of the nutrients needed to make sperm and eggs are taken from animal foods. If you only eat fast, it may be detrimental to the manufacture of sperm and eggs.

  Secondly, regular vegetarian diet may be detrimental to the secretion of sex hormones. Which play an important role in the reproductive process. Cholesterol is the basic raw material for the production of sex hormones. And most of the cholesterol is obtained from animal foods, and less in vegetarian diets. If the sex hormones are not enough, it will affect ovulation.

  Thirdly, meat and visceral foods are rich in iron, calcium and vitamin B12. People who have been vegetarian for a long time are more likely to lack these nutrients. Which has a profound impact on pregnant women and fetuses.

  Especially in the 30s, the fertility has declined, especially in the case of vegetarianism.

Long-term vegetarian effects: gallstones

  Long-term vegetarians have a higher probability of having gallstones than others, especially in the elderly. Even studies have shown that patients with common gallstones are caused by vegan methods.

  In fact, blocking vegan diet is not about eating big fish and meat. You can eat more dairy products. Now dairy products can also make delicious foods, which can supplement the various proteins needed by the body. For the diversity of diet and structure, don’t be vegetarian for a long time.

 How to be healthy and vegetarian?

  Vegetarian food comes from European and American countries.But the eating habits of China and Europe and the United States are different. Therefore, blindly following the trend or being extremely vegetarian will only have a negative impact on health. So how can we be healthy and vegetarian? In combination with the Chinese diet structure and eating habits. It is recommended that everyone should pay attention to the following points:

1. Don’t be a vegan

   Become a vegan vegetarian, don’t give up fish and shrimp seafood if necessary.So as to ensure that you don’t consume too much fat.And at the same time effectively supplement the protein. Vitamin B12 necessary to maintain your health. Minerals such as calcium and iron and other trace elements.

sandwich with boiled egg
egg and salad

2. Not all vegetarian foods are healthy.

For example, white sugar, instant noodles, fried dough sticks, preserved candied fruit, etc. Are all vegetarians. But they all may cause weight gain.Leading to high cholesterol and high blood sugar.While a truly healthy vegetarian diet is far away from high oil and high sugar. The vegetarian method is to balance the vegetables and fruits, nut beans, and coarse grains. Vegetarian food is not just a simple way to not eat eggs and fish. If you don’t pay attention to it, it is easy to cause nutritional imbalance and bring other health crises.

3. A vegetarian lifestyle does not equal a healthy lifestyle.

 Some people think that eating vegetarian food means choosing a healthy lifestyle, but this is not the case. Healthy lifestyle includes healthy eating methods, but there is no healthy eating method. Get up early, go to bed early, strengthen exercise, and get more sun. The combination of physical and psychological aspects such as the sun and the peace of mind is the real health. Especially for people that don’t eat meat.Strengthening physical exercise and sun exposure ensure vitamin D synthesis is the best way to prevent calcium loss.

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