Why is the memory of people getting worse?

In the process of our work and study. Many people will have short-term symptoms of memory getting worse . Sometimes serious will often forget things.Lost three, etc., some are caused by fatigue. And some may be related to some potential diseases . So why is our remembrance getting worse and worse?

  The human cerebral cortex needs to be constantly stimulated to be younger and healthier . When people enter the menopause. They will obviously find that the memory is not as good as before. And some people will appear earlier, even in middle age. There is a manifestation of remembrance loss. In most cases, when memory becomes worse and worse, it will obviously affect all aspects of life. Let’s talk about why memory is getting worse and worse, and what ways can improveretention

  1. Poor sleep quality

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Our brain needs 7-8 hours of rest every day to be able to work better. And modern people are often stressed because of work and study pressure. Which often leads to night and night, resulting in no more time for the brain to rest. It will cause memory to get worse and worse.

  Want the brain to rest fully.In addition to ensuring the length of sleep. But also to ensure the quality of sleep. Only to reach the state of deep sleep, the brain will get the best rest, the memory will also increase.

2. Objective factors of age

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As you get older, your memory will get worse and worse, which is a precursor to brain aging. Therefore, we usually use the brain to stimulate the cerebral cortex at all times. Which will improve the memory and effectively delay the aging of the brain.

3. Causes of the disease

Some potential diseases can also have symptoms of memory loss. And this situation is generally more urgent, and the symptoms are obvious. Simple things can’t be remember. Sometimes, even in serious cases, even family members don’t know, more common in old age. The precursor of dementia , this situation needs to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

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