These four changes in the breast, or may be a sign of breast cancer!

Core Tip: There are many women who have lost breasts because of breast cancer, and even have been killed. Like other cancers, if breast cancer can detect early treatment, the harm to patients will be much less. Many women do not fully understand breast cancer, and they are often unaware of the emergence of breast disease. Once they are diagnosed, they have reach the advanced stage. At this time, both patients and the body are a blow.

Women are a very vulnerable group. There are many female diseases that plague them in their lifetime. Among them, breast cancer is one of the very high incidence diseases. Many women lose breasts because of breast cancer. Even Being killed, like other cancers, if breast cancer can detect early treatment. The harm to patients will be much less. However, because many women do not fully understand breast cancer, they are often unaware of breast cancer. The emergence of the breast disease.once diagnosed, has reached the late stage, this time for the patient, both physical and psychological is a,lets find out the sign of breast cancer.

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Therefore, understanding the symptoms associat with breast cancer is an important way to prevent the emergence of breast cancer. Once the following conditions are found in the breast, it is necessary to pay great attention.

Four major symptoms of breast cancer

First, there is a lump in the breast.

Under normal circumstances.The woman’s breasts are soft, and they don’t feel a lump inside. But if they find a lump in their breasts during bathing or at other times. It is painful and hard to touch. Go to the hospital as soon as possible.Because the mass is likely to be malignant. Then it will evolve into breast cancer.

Second, there is a discharge from the nipple, which is also one of the symptoms of breast cancer.

  Generally speaking, women do not have nipples when they have no children. And if women have bloody or yellow discharges after giving birth, they should be careful about breast cancer in these cases.Even if It is not breast cancer, but it may also be other diseases in the breast.

Third, if the nipple is erosive or sag, then be careful about the emergence of breast cancer.

 Because the impact of breast disease malignant tumors on the nipple and areola is very obvious.This symptom is very easy to be aware of, if found. Don’t be embarras to go to the hospital to avoid missing the best treatment time.

Fourth, the skin of the breast changes. The skin of a healthy woman’s breast is very smooth and delicate. If the skin of the breast is found to be no longer smooth and delicate. It is likely that the cancer cells have blocked the lymphatic vessels.

In addition, some breast cancer patients may also have symptoms such as breast pain. Once you find that your breasts are abnormal, you must pay attention to it. Some people will be obsessed with the breasts and are not willing to go to the hospital for examination. In fact, the idea is Very wrong. Which is why many breast cancer patients are the main reason for the middle and late stages. So how should breast cancer be screened?

Women should pay attention to breast cancer screening

There are three types of breast cancer screening commonly used by women in clinical practice. Namely breast ultrasound, mammography and nuclear magnetic resonance. If you notice abnormalities in your breasts, you should go to the hospital for inspection. In addition, if there are women with high risk factors such as family history. Alcoholism, obesity, etc., breast cancer screening should be conduct once a year. And ordinary adult women should be check regularly after the age of 40. As for which screening method can be used, Choose your own actual situation.

Finally, a brief summary, breast cancer has four unique symptoms.If these abnormalities are found, they should be diagnos in time. Don’t delay the opportunity to see a doctor because it is difficult to start.

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