When you are not happy, eat some yellow color food.

Scientific proof:Eating yellow color food will make people happy

 People who live in the city, want to be happy, seems to be a very difficult thing:

  In the company , the project was smashed by colleagues, not happy;

  At home, facing a messy house and clothes that were not washed yesterday, not happy;

  In the street, the environment is full of cigarettes, not happy…

  And want to make yourself happy. Unless the colleague of the shabu-shabu takes the initiative to back the pot. Or have a male/girlfriend to help him clean up the room. Or let the person who smokes on the street immediately extinguish the smoke and apologize to you…

lemon fruits
Eating yellow food can make people feel happy.

But in fact, it is not so difficult to be happy. A recent study published in the Greek magazine Metro shows that eating yellow food can make you feel happy. The article also mentions that human beings can instinctively associate yellow with the feelings of joy. When people eat yellow food, the body will release high levels of happiness hormones, which will bring happiness.

  Color is the mysterious thing give to objects in the world. Some psychologists believe that from the moment of birth. The brain has a subtle relationship with the color of the object. When people come into contact with yellow. The brain will Warmth, happiness, joy, etc. are linke together, making the body feel happy, happy and cheerful.

  Since yellow can make people feel good, the yellow food is estimate to make people feel more comfortable! A survey data from the study also showed that more people would associate yellow foods such as “ omelet ” and “ banana ” with happiness. Dr. David Lewis, a neuropsychologist, also believes that in the diet, yellow food can even become a powerful antidepressant!

The yellow food is rich in vitamins and minerals. It can remove oxygen free radicals and toxic substances from the human body. Enhance immunity, and has excellent effects in preventing diseases, preventing radiation and preventing aging. It is an indispensable nutrient for maintaining human health!

  So, when you are not happy, you may want to eat some yellow food to make your mood happy. The so-called yellow food. Including a series of orange to yellow food. Represents food such as corn , soybeans , bamboo shoots , grapefruit , oranges , honey and so on.

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